Avenue Awards

Congratulations to the following children who received a Class Teacher certificate this week for showing their commitment to either the Avenue values or the Rights Respecting goals.

Jenny 6B

Polina 6B

Rida 6S

Oheneba 6H

Annabel 6H

Rubylou 6C

Jake 6C

This Weeks Learning

Another great week in year 6! The children have a fantastic time thinking about and designing their own unique Arctic animal that they then drew and wrote a non-chronological report on. Everyone’s perseverance was fantastic and the children have created some brilliant written pieces! Some children also showed off their fantastic teamwork skills to produce a brilliant Arctic inspired art scene (that had the whole school talking) that contains some very interesting animals and now takes pride of place in our cloakroom!

As well as this, we had a special visitor from Transport For London, who came to speak about safety before the daunting journeys to secondary school! He shared some fantastic knowledge about the incredible network of trains, trams, buses and tubes in London. All the children (and adults) left the room feeling a lot more confident with travelling safely on a wide range of transport and to definitely stand on the right on an escalator.



Finally in maths, we have continued our fantastic work on place value. As well as this the children have also started a school version of Ninja Maths to embedded all the work they have been doing for Home Learning!

Well done everyone on a great week. Keep up the brilliant effort and hard work!

Team Year 6

This Week’s Learning

What a week! Everyone has had a fantastic time this week learning all about the Polar Regions. We began the week learning about the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica and their locations. Using atlases and online maps, we labelled a world map with the continents and oceans of the world and challenged ourselves to include lines of longitude and latitude.

After that, we studied different polar animals and learned about how they have adapted to their environment. Did you know that a polar bear’s fur is actually transparent? This helps them to camouflage themselves against the white snow and ice! They look white because of how the light reflects off of them. Once we knew how many animals have adapted to the harsh conditions of the Polar Regions, we then put our imagination to the test and created our own polar animal! From flying polar bats to an Arctic llama- we really did design some spectacular animals!

We ended the week with writing a fact-file about the similarities and differences between the Arctic and Antarctica. We looked at the layout of other types of information texts and used this to help set out our own. We filled the fact-file with fascinating facts about their climate, animals, plant life and inhabitants.  Here are some of our favourite facts of the week:

Polar bears and penguins have never met in the wild! Polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins live in Antarctica.

Antarctica is so cold that nobody lives there! However, scientists and researchers do stay there while completing their studies.