Hindleap Warren – Medication Guidance

Medication can be handed in by parents/carers on Friday 24th November, from 2:15pm – 2:45pm, to Miss Connell at the main school office.

Please note that a form must have been completed to go with any medication and it must be prescribed – this includes Calpol, allergy relief, paracetamol etc.

Any final medication can be handed to Miss Connell at the office on Monday 27th November at 8:20am.

This week’s learning…

This week in maths, we have been looking at the order of operations, also known as BODMAS.  The children came up with some highly imaginative ideas to help them remember the order to solve calculations.  This included:  ‘Bob Brackets’, who takes priority; ‘Orders’, who order you to solve them second; ‘Division and Subtraction’, who are non-identical twins and undo what the other one have done; and finally ‘Addition and Subtraction’ who can’t be forgotten!  Have a look at some pictures:


We also practised BODMAS in our weekly mental arithmetic test to practice applying our knowledge.

In topic this week, Year 6 have been designing their own futuristic mobile phone.  Their revolutionary ideas for their futuristic mobiles included: a mobile phone, with a printer; holograms of teachers, so you could re-do the lesson at home and educational apps to prevent distractions.  We then imagined we were in the year 2025 and the children had to persuade Mrs Hunt (or another teacher) to allow their mobile phone to be used in school.  There were some hotly debated discussions!  We then looked at persuasive language and wrote a persuasive piece of writing on whether their phone should be allowed in school in 2025.


Anti-Bullying Week

This week was Anti-Bullying week and we celebrated this by thinking about how we are all different but equal. In our assembly, we discussed how bullying makes others feel and we thought about who we could talk to if we wanted to share a concern. We also thought about the actions we could take to prevent bullying. We learnt that our school is very much like a cake, where all the unique ingredients are equally important, just like us!