Thank you!

The Year 5 Team would like to thank pupils and parents alike for a wonderful year. It has been a real pleasure to teach this year group and we have loved seeing the children progress and mature, ready for their last year of primary school.

We wish you all a restful summer with your families and the best of luck to pupils for Year 6. The Year 5 teachers that remain teaching at Avenue look forward to seeing you in the new term, and Miss Bullock will be returning for visits next year! I will miss you all!!

Here are some of the best bits of this year 🙂

Thank you,

The Year 5 Team

Health and Wellbeing

This half term, we have been focusing on emotional health, specifically, recognising emotions, ways of dealing with our emotions, keeping secrets and dealing with bereavement and loss.

Some of these issues discussed were very sensitive, yet the children have acted very sensibly and discussed topics respectfully.

We look forward to hearing from their Year 6 teachers about how they have implemented the skills and knowledge learnt during Health and Wellbeing this year.

Next Week’s Learning…

Next week, the children will be partaking in a range of activities in different groups in order to help them transition into their new classes. These include a range of team challenges and an independent project that involves designing and creating their own chocolate bar. As well as this the children will complete spelling and maths games, in class, that will consolidate their learning.